About Our Plymouth Coffee Shop And Cafe

The Hive Cafe Team

Hive Cafe was founded by a group of individuals, of whom all are passionate about their food. Between us we have spent several years living around the world, but mainly in Australia where we fell in love with their great coffee and food culture. The Hive cafe’s journey started in early feb 2017 when a venue we felt fitted our profile became available. We started the shop fitout and establishing our suppliers immediately, working closely with local businesses such as Owens coffee (local roaster) and Tamar Fresh (local fresh foods supplier) to ensure consistency in our produce and delivery. We officially opened the doors in late March, where we received great response to our take on food and coffee. We hope you do too.


Why Plymouth

Plymouth has always been our home and after coming back from exploring the world we decided that there would be no better place to share real artisan coffee with than the people of Plymouth. We also felt that Plymouth was missing what we had to offer. high quality artisan coffee and passionately made food that could be made quickly and at the customers convenience. we wanted to make something that fitted in well with the busy life most individuals in Plymouth have and make it easier for them to have that much-needed break. By being located in Estover we have been able to make it easier for many individuals when it comes to getting quick, high quality fuel on their lunch breaks.